Car Dash Cam Captures Civilians Rescuing People Trapped In Burning Car

In a video that you have to see to believe, a group of bystanders risked their lives to save a group of people trapped in burning cars. 

It all happened on a road in the Ingushetia Region of Russia, where the video shows a group of people at the side of the road likely having car trouble. But, no one could have anticipated what was to happen next, and while discussing what to do, the driver’s rear dash cam captures a terrible car crash which involved two cars. 

One car is rear-ended by another vehicle and spins out of control, hitting the guard rail before coming to a complete stop. A young man rushes to the vehicle and tries to open the car door to get the people out, but he’s startled when the car’s rear bursts into flames. 

An elderly man rushes in to help, and he races towards the burning car and attempts to get the three people out that are trapped inside. Several other people join in the rescue and they kick in the windows when they realized the car doors were locked. 

Thanks to their quick-thinking and fearlessness, they dragged the three people out of their cars, putting themselves at risk in the process. We are unsure how any of these men are doing today, but we are hopeful that they got out just in time to avoid any serious injuries. 

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