Man Saves Dog Being Attacked By Rabid Bobcat

Man Saves Dog Being Attacked By Rabid Bobcat While driving to pick up the paper on Sunday morning, one Arizona man didn’t hesitate to help when he realized a man and his German Shepherd were being attacked by a bobcat.

“Being an animal lover, I just went into attack mode with the bobcat to try and get him off the dog,” said Steve Verschoor, who jumped out of his car, which he left in gear, to help wrestle the wild animal off of the stranger’s large dog.

“I had flip flops on so I couldn’t kick the cat, so I just started punching and punching and punching, trying to dislodge the cat [off the dog],” Verschoor said. “Somehow in that ‘fruckus’ there he clenched onto my hand. Chomped me pretty good enough to break the thumb.”

By that point, passersby Jason Garrido had stopped Verschoor’s car and then began filming the hectic scene with his phone. Eventually, the bobcat loosened its grip and ran off into a storm drain. The animal was later shot by a deputy sheriff and an autopsy revealed the animal had rabies.

“Attacking a wild animal with your bare hands probably isn’t a good idea,” Verschoor joked. Despite the damage and now needing to be treated for rabies, Vershoor knows he did the right thing. “With wild animals, especially once they get human blood, you got to take action. Especially if there are little kids around.”

Watch the entire video below to see the brave thing this man did when he saw a dog being attacked by a bobcat.

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