Moto G5 Plus Review: Very competent user experience

There’s a lot of things the Motorola G5 Plus gets right and then there are some that it The Motorola brand has had a rough few years, fading from consumer memory, only to make a comeback user Lenovo’s brand umbrella. Despite having some trouble adapting to the changing tes, the company is starting to catch up. They have had mixed reactions, with the wild success of the Moto E and G series, but a less-than-stellar reception to the Moto Z phones with their modular approach.

This year, the highlight of Motorola’s Mobile World Congress show was the Moto G5 and the G5 Plus. The two phones suffered extensive leaks prior to their announcements and given the success the Moto G4 family had in India, the excitement around every leak of the phones is understandable. With a looming threat from Nokia and tough competition from various Chinese manufacturers in the mid-range segment, Motorola has had its work cut out for them and the company knows it.

isn’t. Here is our full review.

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