News Helicopter Spots Missing Toddler In Back Seat Of Stolen Car During Live Report

News Helicopter Spots Missing Toddler In Back Seat Of Stolen Car During Live Report.

A Kansas City news helicopter helped find a missing toddler who was sleeping in the back of a car when it was stolen on Wednesday night. 

3-year-old Amaya Vester was asleep in the backseat of her mother’s boyfriend’s car on Wednesday, when he stopped to get gas at a Valero station. After filling up his car, he went inside to get the girl a cold drink and left the car running so he didn’t wake her. Surveillance video from the gas station shows the moment a man, who was filling his car nearby, motion to a woman inside the store to come out. 

After making a few purchases, the woman handed them over to the man then jumped in the unlocked car, speeding out of the parking lot with the stolen vehicle and girl inside. Once the boyfriend called police they were able to track the suspect’s phone, which registered a ping in Leavenworth County. A KHSB news helicopter set out to catch the suspect, but instead, they spotted the missing Ford Focus abandoned in a rural area with the 3-year-old inside. 

Reporters filmed the moment Amaya ran right over to the first officer on the scene, and Skytracker pilot, Captain Gregg Bourdon said, “It doesn’t happen too often we have this special ability that we’re one of the few helicopters in the city. We’re a real news helicopters, and this is what we do. We don’t just do promotional stuff.” 

An officer gets down to one knee to talk to the petrified little girl and then carries her to an ambulance, which took her to a hospital as a precaution. Authorities said the little girl had a water bottle in the car and appeared to be in good spirits. The couple behind this are still on the loose, but police have released surveillance footage from the gas station in hopes that someone will recognize them and report them to police. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Kansas City, Kansas police or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477. 

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