Rosie O’Donnell hints at Steve Bannon portrayal

OK let me set up the scenario. You are going to race Rosie O’Donnell in a 50 yard sprint with a Snickers Bar at the finish line. Who would win?

My guess is you could not. Neither could I, but our speed is not the reason why. The reason why is she wants it worse than we do.

This may or may not be true, but let’s analyze this from an Internet marketing standpoint. When it comes to building your Internet business how fast are you?

An even better way to look at this is how bad do you want a successful Internet business? If I was to compete against you at building an Internet business I am willing to bet I would win.

The reason very simply put is I want it worse than you do! I am very focused on building a successful Internet business and I work at it every day.

Actually I do not work at it, but rather I sit down and go to work every day. Because I enjoy Internet marketing it doesn’t seem like work to me.

There are times when I would rather do something else however, and this is where the analogy really comes into play. On the days when I would rather goof off that’s when I try to double my efforts and work even harder.

I do this because I have goals I’m trying to achieve. I’m focused on hitting a certain income level, and I know that to do that I must work extra hard and do it on a consistent basis.

There is a tremendous amount of competition on the Internet today in virtually every niche. However there are also tremendous opportunities for anyone to build an online business and make money doing it.

I have a feeling more of you would be successful if you knew why you are building your Internet business. I mean zeroing in on your #1 reason for wanting to succeed online.

This will take you to a new level of understanding that you could never get with goal setting. Jack Zufelt says that understanding your reason why for doing something is more important than writing goals down on a piece of paper.

I can relate to this because my number one goal when I started online was to build an income that allowed me to quit my full-time job. This was my primary focus and it motivated me to work at times when I was tired from already putting in an 8 to 10 hour day.

We may not be able to beat Rosie O’Donnell in a 50 yard dash to a Snickers bar. However all of us can win the race to a successful Internet business if we understand our why, and work hard at it every day!

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