Woman Gives Birth To Baby In The Backseat Of An Uber

Woman Gives Birth To Baby In The Backseat Of An Uber.

An Uber driver has an incredible story to tell after a passenger gave birth to a baby boy in the backseat of his car! 

According to ABC News, Erica Davidovich was on her way to a hospital in an Uber on Sunday when her contractions were coming too fast. “I didn’t push,” Davidovich told ABCNews. “Nothing happened. Somehow… the gravity… the baby just slid out. My incredible husband caught the baby.”

Davidovich’s Uber driver, Raymond Telles recorded the intense moment on camera as she gave birth alongside her husband. “It never happens this fast,” Davidovich says in the video while Telles is on the phone with police. 

Davidovich’s water broke just minutes into the ride and Telles was shocked when it happened. Davidovich later explained that her doctor advised her to stay home as long as possible while in labor, but she may have waited a bit too long. 

When paramedics arrived they took the couple and their newborn to the hospital where mom and baby are doing great. 

Telles finally got to meet the baby on Monday, and he even gave the newborn an Uber onesie

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